May 21

Lay Leader:                  Sharon Seng

Ushers:                         Chris Hafer & Jack Roddenberry

Children's Time:          Sharon Roddenberry

Flowers:                        To the Glory of God

May 28

Lay Leader:                   TBA            

Ushers:                         Will Wolverton & Chris Cloud        

Children's Time:           Tiffany Yant    

Flowers:                        Keith & Jean Strong

May 7 - Boy Scout Sunday

Communion Servers:    Yvonne Hafer, Eric McKenzie

                                        Linda Stokes, Sandy Anthony

Lay Leader:                    Dan Smith

Ushers:                           Boy Scouts

Children's Time:            Jim McGaw

Flowers:                         To the Glory of God

Today we celebrate the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

May 14

Lay Leader:                    Sandy Anthony  

Ushers:                           Sharon Seng & Al Lang

Children's Time:             Trisha Lang & JoElla Baker

Flowers:                          In Memory and In Honor of MPC Mothers


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