Can I bring a friend?

​Absolutely!  And we hope you'll meet many more new friends while you're at MPC.

What is worship like?

Worship at MPC is friendly, relaxed, and graciously welcoming.  Our worship style is mostly traditional with some contemporary aspects thrown in.  Sometimes music is played on acoustic guitar, piano, etc. and we enjoy having guest musicians perform in our services.  

Is there Sunday School?

Yes, every Sunday at 9:30 there are programs for every age and every stage. 

Can my children stay with me in worship and is there a nursery?

Children are most welcome in worship; as a matter of fact, we want them in worship!  If a fussy child makes his or her parent uncomfortable, our narthex is a great place to take them and still be able to hear the sermon.  Or feel free to take advantage of our friendly and welcoming nursery.  It's located just inside the fellowship hall on the left.  Many parents bring their children into worship until just after the Children's Sermon when they join the rest of the children in the nursery.

What will it be like when I arrive?

When you enter the narthex, you will most likely be greeted by an elder, deacon, or just about any other friendly MPC member.  If you arrive early, the coffee is usually on in the fellowship hall - help yourself and join the conversation.  Feel free to join one of our Sunday school classes.  And be warned:  when we pass the peace at Montgomery, we leave our pews and greet each other like we're at a family reunion!  

What do I wear?

​Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, good about yourself, and honors God and the people around you. Some folks come in blue jeans - others like to dress more formally.  It's up to you.  We just want you to worship with us!

What to Expect at MPC